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3rd July 2020

Yikes!  Haven’t posted on here for a long old time.  I have been working on my bits of music in the background, but mostly I’ve been helping other people make records… You can check out some of these here;

22nd June 2019

Hello.  Wow, it’s been six months since I’ve updated anything on here… sorry!  There has been quite a few things going on, but the first thing I wanted to mention is that I’ve released another song called ‘Down to Earth’ about the astronaut ‘Michael Collins.  It has been released on the excellent Where It’s At Is Where You Are record label and you can go and listen and buy it here


The next record is taking shape.  I’ve been helping friends make their records too including Fever Dream, Alice Hubble and Elva.  I’ve stuck an extra page on here detailing some of the records I’ve recently worked on – check it out!

25th January 2019

EPs ‘WASTE’ and ‘WEST COAST’ out now… Digital only so select a streaming service and have a listen now!

22nd January 2019

Hello there everybody.  Had a blast in 2018 releasing ‘Hoick’ and getting out to play some shows for you.  We are aiming for a short tour in the Spring with the fabulous Simon Love… stay tuned for dates in April.

In the meantime, we have released 2 remix EPs featuring some excellent musical delights from Jolyon Thomas, Johnny Winfield, Nick de Carlo, James Yuill and Ian Button!  There’s also a new tune ‘Waste’ from me.

I am very flattered to have been asked to contribute to the Where It’s At Is Where You Are upcoming Space compilation and it’s been great writing and recording a new tune!

Please head over to Spotify and follow me there so you can be kept up to speed on the latest releases.

Big Love M x

29th August

Well, the record is out, the launch shows are done and I’ve been so chuffed with all the feedback I’ve had with from the record – thank you!  It’s even help me reconnect with some old friends, which has been lovely.  I’ve got some more shows coming along, the first of which is at the Victoria with a band I saw at Indietracks called Worst Place (and were brilliant) and the excellent Scared to Dance club straight after.  The gig will be a three piece and is FREE ENTRY!

22nd August

Oh, hi!  We played a beauty of a show with BABii and Simon Love to launch our album in London at Paper Dress Vintage – Thanks to all who came out.  We play another show this Saturday (25th August) at the Ramsgate Music Hall, which should be another really special little show… It’s Mike’s hometown!  If you haven’t done so already, please think about going and following us on Spotify because there are set to be some special releases later this year – so stay tuned!

8th August

Oh, hi!  We’re back from Indietracks where we had a brilliant show (thanks to everyone who came to see us).  I (Mikey) had the pleasure of joining the brilliant Tigercats & Girl Ray onstage for some percussion duties, for which I’m very grateful!

My NEW SINGLE ‘Anchor In The Sea’ has a fantastic video to accompany it (directed by Fraser Watson) and you can see what For The Rabbits had to say about it by CHECKING THE PREMIERE HERE

2nd July

Oh, hi!  FALLING is my new single, click here  ——>>>>>>>  ***NEW SINGLE HERE**

Big thanks to people who came to the shows in Canterbury & London last week – had a blast playing the songs for everybody!

29th June

Oh, hi!  FALLING is my new video, click here   ———–>>>>>>>>   ***NEW VIDEO HERE***

Ok, so I look incredibly awkward in this, but fantastic work from Fraser (director), Joel (camera) & Dessy (dancer / choreographer)

23rd May

Oh, hi!  Big thanks to those folks over at Clash magazine who premiered our debut single ‘Sound In Here’.. check it out here http://www.clashmusic.com/news/premiere-mikey-collins-sound-in-here

18th May

Oh, hi!

In snatched pockets of time over the past two years I’ve been recording an album at Big Jelly Studios in Ramsgate, Kent.  It’s finally finished and is coming out on Fika Records later in 2018, which I’m very excited about!  I’m very grateful to everyone who has contributed the album & artwork.  I am hoping to do a little tour later in the year.